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Click Moment

I’ve had lots of these feminist click moments of truth, and still I have them. I hope they keep coming. I need them to remind myself of what is real. Feminism usually clicks for me after a period of losing myself, forgetting what’s important, getting caught up in the ways of the world, focusing on some ego identity, and thinking I need to fit into some role. Then I wake up. Something snaps in me and I remember I’m a part of something bigger. I’m connected to every other woman in a web of shared experiences. It’s not just “Woe is me, why can’t I get my life together?” It’s all of us, doing what we can, proceeding and being bold.

Here’s an example of such a moment. This was about a week ago. It’s Sunday and I’m walking down the street. I’m stuck in that negative thinking, like, “Why can’t I figure out a career?” I look up and see a sticker stuck to a telephone pole. It looks handwritten and reads: “Do Womyn’s Work.” OK, let me stop here to say that I can’t endorse the spelling of womyn with a y. It’s just not acceptable in the Chicago Manual of Style or the AP Stylebook. So it’s out in my book. That being said, I read the sticker and a wave  of acceptance  comes over me. I am doing work. It is worthy. Yes, I’m still struggling to balance the domestic with the professional, but so is every other woman. The only way things will change is if we place a value on what we do. I keep walking, feeling a sense of solidarity and pride. I get on the train and go home, renewed. 

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